H.C. Robbins Landon

His face has shapes drawn over it. These shapes are my attempt to work out, think about or remember Pythagoras theorem. Around is shaded in. Shape-form Flat. I can’t remember it, is it about Area? Working out the area of a triangle? It might be more complicated than that…Right now I don’t want to find out, I shouldn’t look it up, I need to figure this out by myself. Solving these simple problems of space, area and form can be done through drawing. Drawing is a tool for thinking.

The drawings I’ve made are not actually about Obituaries or death, or even defacement, although all of these things are involved and can’t be denied. They are even important, however, they are only a hook, some thing that makes the real subject matter richer, or less abstract. Like a plot device (Hitchcock’s MacGuffin in the hands of David Lynch). The real exercise is solving problems of surface, picture plane, illusion, form. Creating space. these images of the dead are a surface where I can play with illusions.