Leslie Greene – A World of Paint

When looking into the paintings of Leslie Greene, one is introduced to a new landscape. The physical world of distance, closeness, movement, weight and matter are the surface narrative of the material that made it. The artist is exploring alternative possibilities. Layers of colour are washed or built up with textures and interwoven lines telling a story in meshes, gaps, veils and densities. Something is happening with these shapes that are not quite recognisable. An illusion of perspective is implied as the watercolour is sharp here, fuzzy there, as if the paint were in or out of focus. Shapes seem cut out and stuck on, maybe they are, but then the shadows they cast might be painted. Some elements are familiar, that pattern might be tartan or a tablecloth, but these points of reference soon become thwarted as aesthetic reverie engages one to unravel the order of painterly events, leading you through a visual fantasy.


Plaid-Empyreal,2010 ,acrylic, 61cm x 50cm

Leslie Greene’s website.