Warming up

I arrived at the Vernon Street Library feeling tired and emotional having had a poor night’s sleep. The perfect state to be in when trying to do experimental or anti-research.

My activity became visual and basic. I spent a long time flicking through books looking at pictures. My note-taking would be a word or two overlayed with drawings of gurning faces. Long minutes were spent shading the shadows around their eyes.


One of the first books I opened just fell open at an image of Tlazolteotl the Aztec Goddess of filth sexual sin and redemption. I won’t elaborate here too much but she was the subject of a project I did with Totaller at East Street Arts last year (Totaller is a project that I collaborate on with Dale Holmes and Lea Torp Nielsen). 

She gives birth and eats excrement.


Andre Breton’s picture was in the same book.

Andre Breton meets Tlazolteotl

Totaller has just taken down a show based on Andre Breton’s studio wall called 15” Deep Pan Stuffed Crust Portuguese Man O’ War (Totaller’s Studio) at Paper Gallery in Manchester.

I guess you’ve got to start with what you know and I’m pleased that Tlazolteotl and Breton were there to see me off on my Library Intervention quest. They have set the tone and I now know how I’m going to do this – I think.

I made a few of these post-it drawings and have left them in the books they belong to. I’ll make a list of all the books I used at the end of the project but until then I’ll keep quiet and give a chocolate coin to whoever finds them.

After all this I put my head down and had a little nap. More about that in my next post.

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