Why Pizza?

People often ask me why I love pizza and put it in my work so much.

The fact is I don’t use it that much, but yes, I do love it. I love the beauty of it and the profanity of it. It is also good to eat. What other reason do you need?

When people ask this the way they do it pisses me off. They ask as if it’s all about pizza. Don’t they know anything about making art? 

The best book I found at Leeds College of Art Library is this


Art Brut by Michel Thevoz. I wish I had time to read the whole thing. I found this nugget about Gaston Duf, a man who made art in a psychiatric hospital. 

Gaston Duf, Punchinello, 1920

It says: His favorite subject, an obsessional subject with him, was a strange, protean animal which he called a rhinoceros, but which obviously has little connection with the real animal of that name. In his hands it represents a kind of microcosm or generating principle of all real or imaginary forms. Philosophers have seen fit to take fire, water, atoms, essence, existence, etc., as the principle of their metaphysical explanations. Why not take the rhinoceros?  

And I say: Why not take pizza?

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