To Do List

I can’t seem to get anything done without preparing a giant To Do List. I’ve started to live for the ticks and smiley faces.¬†

I spend more time on this than the actual work. Maybe I could make it into work to save time…

(Everything on this list has since been completed.)

Get rational ?

Perhaps in searching for a redemptive enchantment I was wrong. I discovered why it is probably un-redeemable.. the surrealists used the Marvelous, yet Hal Foster is able to explain these tendencies to repeat and admire the unexplainable as unconscious desires to recall. These are anxieties that relate to the past not the future. This explains de Chiricos ‘presentiment’ that i was so fixated upon. It explains, in some ways the artistic process, or maybe just my relationship to it. Like an anthropologist I dont believe in magic (not really), but i am fascinated by those who do. I want to believe. I enjoy the feeling of fantasy, of marvelling at the unknown. Perhaps this is where I should look?

While in the library

In the cubicle to my left is a student. He is making, or rather, copying notes onto a small whiteboard using a green board pen. He writes, then reads, then wipes the writing off the board. The green ink is turned into tiny particles, a kind of sticky dust,  that cover the piece of paper he is using to wipe, and flake around the edges of the board. The ink is transformed into words then back into matter while the words transform into memory.